An Employers Experience

Safe Opportunites are very fortunate for the employers that we work with as they are a fundamental part in helping students progress. Local employers of all sizes and industries work with us to provide an experience which will help a young person make the very important transition from school to work.

Your student will be carefully selected, assessed and supported by our highly qualified and trained team. All the work placement and training details will be carefully arranged around your workplace capacity and existing team members. Every opportunity and all student’s activities are thoroughly risk assessed, documented and communicated to you for your records and also shared with the school to allow for a collaborative approach.

Our professional team and organisational structure ensures that you are supported through every stage of the work related learning process making sure that you get maximum value from the programme too. Our employers also enjoy and benefit from networking opportunities as they meet with other businesses through meetings and events that we arrange. If you would like to have a chat about how you can make a difference to a young person as well as enjoy all the benefits of being one of our employers, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.

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Andy W. - Operations Manager

"ERS Medical has worked with Helen and Springfield School for many years and has been proud to be able to provide opportunities for young adults to gain experience within a working environment. We have seen individuals progress and develop particularly their social skills as they have grown in confidence working with the staff. The staff at ERS Medical have enjoyed making a contribution to their development and have built up a good rapport. We hope we can continue to help in the future."