Safe Opportunities

Admissions Statement

Safe Opportunities are dedicated to working with and preparing as many young people as possible for employment, apprenticeships, college places and positive outcomes.

Safe Opportunities work with students from the age of 12 up to the age of 25 through our Exploring Work, Extended Work Placement, Step16 and Supported Internship programmes. Many young people progress through the programmes we offer and stay with our team for a few years on their work-related learning journey to employment.

Since September 2020 we have been delighted to see the positive impact of our Step 16 and Post 19 Supported internship programmes and the excellent outcomes for our students. Due to this success, we are gradually increasing the number of places we offer on our programmes.

For the academic year 2024 - 2025, we have increased our offer again to 25 x Step16 places and 25 x Post19 Supported Internship places. As places are taken quickly, we do also hold a waiting list of potential students who would like to join the programme if a place becomes available throughout the year.

For students on our waiting list; Safe Opportunities will keep students and support staff informed if and when a place on the programme is likely to be available but may not be able to engage in discussions around specific provision until a place is offered.

Safe Opportunities premises, training rooms and strength of resources are based in Crewe and so to ensure we are inclusive in our approach we fully support students’ applications to our programme who are –

  • Students who are already on one of the Safe Opportunities programmes.
  • Students who can travel to the Crewe area or be supported with transport to and from Crewe.
  • Students who are cared for or those who have recently left the care system.

Safe Opportunities will not offer places for more students than they have the staff or resources to support and will not compromise on the standards of high-quality programmes that we offer our young people.

The Safe Opportunities team are committed to ensuring all of our students achieve their potential in both the work placement opportunities but also within the education element of the programme. Our qualified teachers support students to gain qualifications in Functional Skills English and Maths Open Awards where appropriate but also use a range of other assessments and programmes to support our students. As part of the student’s workplace development our Student Development Co-ordinator team support students to achieve vocational Aim Award qualifications to reinforce their learning, confidence, and development.

Our Curriculum Intent and Programme of Study outlines specific details of our offer to Step16 and Supported Internship students.

We encourage parents/guardians, schools and professionals to contact us with any enquiries about any of our programmes by emailing -

Looking to join our programme? Download our referral form


Safe Opportunities are currently awaiting an Ofsted inspection which will be made accessible on the website for anyone to view upon completion.

Key policies and useful information

Below are some of Safe Opportunities key policies:

Complaints procedure

A complaint made by any professional, parent or Safe Opportunities student is taken very seriously and will be handled with both sensitivity and urgency by Safe Opportunities staff. It is our priority to ensure that any issues are properly documented, met with with appropriate actions and resolved.